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We provide physicians the funding necessary to provide medical care to injured parties, while freeing attorney cash flow and attention to focus on other aspects of the client's case.

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What Makes Justice Medical Funding Better

Singular Focus

Singular focus on medical liens for personal injury provides for deep practice knowledge and highly efficient operations.

Highly Responsive

Rapid turnaround on case underwriting within 24-48 hours. Payment to medical providers within 30 days.

Well Capitalized

Self-funded with sufficient capital to make funding available immediately and ongoing, which alleviates any pressure for a quick settlement.

Louisiana Owned & Operated

Exclusive funding to Louisiana clients with an extensive network of local attorneys and medical providers

Medical Providers

JMF is a trusted partner and the solution for direct medical lien funding, for medical providers, hospitals, surgical centers, imaging centers, pain management clinics and more. Our specialty funding programs are directed towards accelerating cash flow by eliminating risks and removing administrative functions, such as vetting and managing personal injury cases.

On an average, personal injury cases take 18 – 24 months to settle. Our program offers medical providers the ability to treat the patient and significantly increase their cash flow. Some statistics that have an effect on a provider’s revenue cycle: on average, personal injury medical providers are asked to reduce their bills by as much as 77% after case settlement. 7% of patients fire their original attorney, leaving the medical provider the obligation secure their lien a second time. 11% of all personal injury cases are never collected.

  • Accelerated Cash flow, enhancing Provider's revenue cycle
  • JMF assumes full risk assessment, underwriting, all legal and administrative processing requirements with the receivable
  • JMF accepts your billing, guarantees payment at the contracted amount, within 30-days*.
  • Typical contracted amount are a higher reimbursement rate than health insurance, managed care or government programs
  • Access to Necessary Medical Care for Uninsured or Under-insured patients
  • Removes the risk to provider of adverse case outcome.
  • Eliminates lengthy collection times
  • Immediately reduce administrative costs
  • Eliminate the need for Letters of Protection
  • All Cases Considered: from Evaluation to Complex Surgery
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Personal Injury Attorneys

If your client is the victim of an accident and is unable to receive medical care due to lack of Health Insurance coverage JMF CAN HELP!!

With our Lien-Based Medical Funding Programs, an uninsured victim injured in an accident, who has previously had difficulty accessing medical care for their costly medical treatment can obtain the care for injuries suffered, including surgical care (which can be the most costly medical treatment). This is often a threshold requirement to recover full and fair compensation from a tortfeasor’s insurance carrier. JMF will assist in facilitating your clients' medical care. Our highly experienced and professional team will quickly and efficiently evaluate your case.

  • Speed of underwriting, Responsive Case Managers – Risk Assessment typically within 48 hours
  • Bills are Submitted in their original format along with medical records
  • Eliminate Risk of Self-Funded Cases
  • Access to our comprehensive roster of Facilities and Physicians
  • Well-established and long-standing provider relationships, built on effective elimination of long-term aging impact, associated with providers accepting liens/LOP. Providers are guaranteed payment in 30-days*
  • Louisiana Owned and Operated
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Uninsured Patients

If you are a victim of an accident and have been unable to receive medical care due to lack of Health Insurance coverage, JMF may be able to assist you with one of our Lien-Based Medical Funding Programs.

  • Get the Medical Care you Need
  • Focus on Your Recovery
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Our Services Include:

  • ✓    Orthopaedics & Surgery
  • ✓    Surgery Centers and Hospitals
  • ✓    Anesthesiology
  • ✓   Durable Medical Equipment
  • ✓    In-Home Post-Op Care
  • ✓    Pain Management
  • ✓    Pharmaceuticals
  • ✓    Physical Therapy
  • ✓    Surgical Hardware